Living room progress

Doing up our own home includes a number of challenges. Firstly our house is quite odd. It is just not ‘off the peg’ in any way. Neither a classic modernist design, nor a period beauty, it is a unique 1970’s house that we love, but feel was never given quite enough thought. The living room is very long and narrow. We solved this when we first moved in by placing a large room divider a third of the way down to create seperate living and dining areas.

This worked well, but I always felt the room divider was a bit too big and robbed the room of light. Doug built it for our previous home where it sat against a wall. It was designed as a storage unit and we persisted in using it as such so, inevitably, it was a bit cluttered. We never quite brought ourselves to remove the books and records and simply place beautiful objects on it, as we had not made it for that purpose.