Award nomination

Absolutely delighted to be nominated for a lovely award – a major! Up against some very big names in the blogging world – so I am very nervous. Feel very cheeky asking you to vote for me, but, please, please do! Votes need to be in by April 18th.

As it is sponsored by a bathroom company, I thought I had better rustle up some beautiful, groovy bathrooms to inspire you to update your own – easily done with the good value products available from!



This tiny jewel like bathroom has long been a favourite – a look that any of us could easily recreate with the simple, contemporary sanitary ware, the small mother of pearl mosaic tiles and the little pops of red – absolutely gorgeous.



And the perfect finishing touch to any bathroom is a bottle of Beatitude Bath Oil

Joy Bath Oil

Developed by a friend of mine in Gullane, Rebecca O’Connor – it disperses in the water – so your skin is left wonderfully soft and nourished but there is no oily film left. Rebecca and I often swap notes on running our businesses and her New Years resolution for me was to tweet more and here I am nominated for a interiors twitter award.
Gosh – you reap what you sow!

Rebecca’s own home can be seen in this month’s Prima magazine – May 2014, in the shops now…

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Sounds cuckoo!

The sounds in a home are really important…not something that is ever captured in a photograph for a magazine obviously, but often it is the sounds of a house that make you feel that you are really home.
I was brought up in a flat in Central London that had warm air central heating – all the rage in the 1970′s!

I now live in a 1970′s house beside the seaside, and it, also, has warm air central heating – a sound that to many people is probably quite intrusive – it does whir a bit when it is getting going – but to me, there is no other sound that makes me feel more at home…


It must be the same for people brought up in a house with a cuckoo clock – that hourly birdie call, combined with the sound of the mechanism that propels the little bird forward, once you get used to that, you won’t feel at home without it.

The cuckoo clock has come a long way…

8 Cuckoo-Clock-1-day-movement-Modern-Art-Style-18cm-by-Rombach-Haas__32-KS-Swiss_01 6 Cuckoo-Clock-1-day-movement-Modern-Art-Style-24cm-by-Rombach-Haas__32-KB-125_01

5 Cuckoo-Clock-1-day-movement-Modern-Art-Style-20cm-by-Rombach-Haas__32-OD-13H2B_01 7 Cuckoo-Clock-8-day-movement-Modern-Art-Style-28cm-by-Rombach-Haas__1012_SN342_01

I love these modern updates of an old favourite….all available from the Cuckoo Palace a proud member of the Black Forest Clock Association.

Update your home as soon as you can with one of these timeless heirlooms…

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The Purple Thread Shed

A lovely bonus from writing my blog is the wonderful people I have met through it, they just ‘pop up’ in Facebook and Twitter and my inbox…one such person is the amazing Ali Ferguson of The Purple Thread Shed. I knew she would make a brilliant story before I even met her – her work is so beautiful. She describes herself as a ‘hand stitch artist’…



When we met we realised that not only are we both called Alison, but that we both love purple…Check Ali’s gorgeous purple Fit Flops! It’s all in the details!

af05 af16 af22

af25 af26 af27

There is a simply stunning feature about her and her work in the current Period Living magazine shot by Douglas, in her studio of course – the Purple Thread Shed!!

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Old Bag / New Bag

It has to be one of the most exciting experiences – I was going to say ‘if u r a girl of my age’, but actually, I have ALWAYS loved a new bag!!

better bag

It is almost like becoming a new person – and in this case, a much more organised, sophisticated person….Oh dear – I think that every time – but this time – my new bag – which is actually ‘two bags plus a purse’ – really does have a pocket for everything – never again will I lose my keys, glasses, mobile phone…


I love my old bag of course…a beautiful, grey, polka dot, Cath Kidston – practical as well as pretty I thought…except, it is actually a bit low on pockets and if I ever need to take a magazine with me, which is quite often in my job, I am literally bursting out all over the place! Laptop? God help me – I need another bag – so I really am all over the place


Where on earth my phone, glasses and keys are by now – just don’t ask!

No more though…now I have my new bag – more a ‘system’ really – for storing items that I need constantly, such as, aforesaid, phone, keys and glasses and for carrying them around whilst looking intelligent and fashionable, I hope – rather than hopelessly dis-organised and a bit weird.


wee bag

both bags

There is literally somewhere to put everything – somewhere ‘I’ can find things, but a pick pocket would struggle to – joy!! I can just leave the house so quickly now, because I know where everything is – I will never again walk for miles around my house looking for my sunglasses, missing trains, arriving late for friends…to find they have made new friends in the meantime and no longer wish to know me!

Thank you Fiona of My Boutique Home, interior designer and purveyor of a selection of bags that will change your life.

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Ollie & Seb’s House

A colourful home is a decision and a commitment that we might not all want to make. We don’t all want to live with intense colours! Actually monochrome is highly fashionable at the moment and a very achievable route to creating a very stylish home.

Well known blogger, Deborah Gordon of Ollie & Seb’s Haus, has committed totally to monochrome. Black is the only accent colour in her all white home, that she shares with her husband and two little boys, in Glasgow, apart from the odd plant or toy!










I just can’t get enough of this place…I know from following her that she loves to ring the changes…how can monochrome be so un-boring??

Definitely to be re-visited!

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